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Week 10/25-10/31

Tuesday Oct. 26

* KKG Breakfast

* Lunch: Avocado pesto wrap. vegetarian, vegan, or turkey. W/ tofu, or turkey, fresh

mozz., avocado, pesto, lettuce, tomato. And salad bar.

* Dinner: Orange chicken, or beyond beef with rice and vegies ( broccoli, squash, or

potato) and Salad bar.

Wednesday Oct. 27

* KKG Breakfast

* Lunch: Roasted beef or Beyond beef with broccoli, potato, or yams. Salad bar.

*Dinner: Fish Taco. True Cod Alaska Fillets, or beyond meat with sour cream, tomato,

shredded lettuce, and cheese. Salad bar

Thursday Oct. 28

* KKG Breakfast

* Lunch: Poke Bowls with Ahi tuna, sticky rice, cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber,

and cabbage. Salad bar

* Dinner: Chicken Thighs with marinara sauce, Tofu, asparagus , and green been.

Sala bar.

Friday Oct. 29

* KKG Breakfast

* Lunch: Build your own pizza. Salad Bar

* Dinner: Pasta Alfredo with vegetables. Salad bar

Saturday Oct. 30th

* Brunch: Scrambled egg, hash brown, bacon, sausage, plant sausage, fresh fruit

and berries. build your own Belgian waffles with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and maple syrup.

Sunday Oct. 31st

* Dinner: Beef or vegie Lasagna with caesar salad. Salad bar


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