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Week 9/3/23 – 9/9/23

Sunday Sep. 3rd

* KKG Breakfast (7:30 – 9) Scrambled eggs, hash brown potato, bacon, sausage, fresh fruits and berries.

* Lunch: (12 – 1pm) Chicken or cheese Quesadilla with salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Soup and salad bar.

* Dinner: (6 – 6:45pm) Grilled salmon or tofu and quinoa bowl, roasted potato and vegetable. Salad Bar.

Monday Sep. 4th

* KKG Breakfast (7:30 – 9)

* Lunch: (12 – 1pm) Build your own avocado toast bar. W/ fresh avocado, fresh mozz, fried eggs, bacon, tomato. Soup and Salad bar

* Dinner: (6 – 7pm) Build your own Chipotle Chicken Bowl with brown rice, black beans, Pico De Gallo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, chicken, plant meat, avocado, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Salad bar.

Tuesday Sep. 5th

* KKG Breakfast (7:30 – 9)

* Lunch: (1:30 – 2:30pm) Vegetarian Chili with impossible meat, ground beef, cheese and sour cream for toppings. House baked corn bread, butter and honey.

* Dinner: (6 – 7pm) Chicken nuggets or meatless nuggets, fries, crunchy Thai Quinoa salad, fresh fruit and salad bar.

Wednesday Sep. 6th

* KKG Breakfast (7:30 – 9)

* Lunch: (12 – 1pm) Cheeseburger (beef or veggie patties), fries, fruit salad. Salad Bar.

* Dinner (6 – 7pm) Sisterhood Dinner. Parent's Club hosting Qdoba. S’more @7


Thursday Sep. 7th

* KKG Breakfast (7:30 – 9)

* Lunch: (12 – 1pm) BEGAL BAR LUNCH with chicken salad, tuna salad, avocado, cucumbers, onion, tomato, smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and alfa sprouts.

* Dinner: (6 – 7pm) Butter chicken Salad bar.

Friday Sep. 8th

* KKG Breakfast (7:30 – 9)

* Lunch: (1 – 2:15pm) Flathead bread Pizza, Pasta salad, Quinoa, fresh fruit and Salad bar

* Dinner: (6:45 – 7:45pm) Build your own sandwich bar with over roasted turkey, ham, roasted beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc. Soup, fries, and Salad bar.

Saturday Sep. 9th

* KKG Breakfast (7:30 – 9)

* Lunch: (1 – 2:15pm) Gnocchi or gluten free vegan pasta with creamy sauce, roasted vegetables, chicken, tofu and Salad bar

* Dinner: (6 – 6:45pm) Build your own Gyro bowl with chicken, vegetarian chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion, olive, cucumber, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce. Salad Bar


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