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Week 4/24 - 4/30

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Sunday April 24th * Dinner: Fried rice noodles with chicken or tofu, some vegetables, and Salad Bar.

Monday April 25th * KKG Breakfast * Lunch: Turkey or vegie melt, potato wedges, soup and Salad bar * Dinner: Chicken nuggets or vegie chicken nuggets, curly fries, and roasted vegetables. Salad bar.

Tuesday April 26th * KKG Breakfast * Lunch: Build you own ahi tuna or tofu salad, soup, and fruit salad. Salad bar * Dinner: Spaghetti or vegan pasta and meatballs, roasted vegies, and garlic bread. Salad bar.

Vegie Wednesday April 27th * KKG Breakfast * Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich, fresh fruits, Tomato soup and Salad bar. * Dinner: Eggplant parmesan with linguine pasta or gluten free pasta, marinara sauce, roasted vegies, salad bar.

Thursday April 28th * KKG Breakfast * Lunch: Tuna melt or chickpea "tuna" melt on English muffin, soup, and salad. Salad bar. * Dinner: Chicken chipotle or plant meat with rice, and vegetables. Salad bar Friday April 29th * KKG Breakfast * Lunch: Build Your own Pizza. Salad bar * Dinner: Teriyaki noodles or Sticky rice with chicken or tofu and vegies. Salad bar Saturday April 30th * Brunch: Scrambled egg, hash brown, bacon, sausage, plant sausage, fresh fruit and berries. build your own Belgian waffles with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and maple syrup


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